Rainhart High Performance (RTFO) Rolling Thin Film Oven

HMA Lab Supply

$ 12,275.00 
Item #: OV-9066

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RTFO High Performance

New model with enhanced performance and reliable technology needed to study the aging phenomena on traditional and innovative bituminous binders. The frame and the internal chamber are made of high quality stainless steel with a large door to detect the test room. This new version is totally controlled by 7’’ digital touch-screen panel in terms of test temperatures, start and stop carriage rotation and ventilation system. Also, when the test starts, the internal room temperature, the air flow and the carriage speed (15 rpm ± 0.2) are shown in real time on the digital display.

Supplied complete with:

  • Digital flow meter
  • Precision digital thermostat to maintain 163 °C temperature
  • Control thermometer ASTM 13C
  • Ventilation device, eight glass containers Ø 64x140 mm.
  • Includes a dual safety thermostat to prevent overheating.
  • Power supply: 230V 1ph 50-60Hz 1700W

Dimensions: 25x25x36 inches