Laboratory Calibration Services

With a wider range of on-site calibration services, we can provide a cost-effective solution no matter your focus in construction materials testing.  All calibration work is highly scrutinized and peer reviewed for the highest degree of accuracy.  Our established calibration process builds on years of industry experience, product knowledge, and expert service.

All calibrations are NIST traceable and performed to the highest standards

  • Calibration certificates provided in hard copy and digital formats with traceability, uncertainty and As Found/As Left documentation
  • 24-hour response time to calls and email requests
  • Expert knowledge of materials testing laboratories
  • On-site calibration to minimize downtime
  • Team of service experts, sales representatives and customer care professionals dedicated to your complete satisfaction

Please contact Morgan Johnson at 919 875 8371 or e-mail him at

Our statement of capabilities is available to download here