Laboratory Calibration Services

With a wider range of on-site calibration services, we can provide a cost-effective solution no matter your focus in construction materials testing.  All calibration work is highly scrutinized and peer reviewed for the highest degree of accuracy.  Our established calibration process builds on years of industry experience, product knowledge, and expert service.All calibrations are NIST traceable and performed to the highest standards.

  • Compression Machines
  • Universal Test Machines
  • Hamburg Wheel Trackers
  • Gyratory Compactors
  • Ignition Furnaces
  • Load Cells
  • A.M.P.T Systems
  • Balances / Scales
  • Consolidation Frames
  • Soils Load Frames
  • Displacement Transducers
  • Calipers, Rulers, Molds & most general lab equipment

    Please contact Alexis Jones at 919 875 8371 or e-mail her at