Slider Core Rig Complete - See Hitch Mount Complete CE-1150

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$ 9,198.00 
Item #: CE-9000A

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The Slider Core Rig Complete - Includes Slider frame, CoreBore Components, Milwaukee® Drill Motor, Generator, 65-Gallon Tank and Pump

  • Slider Core Rig with Generator; Includes Slider frame, CoreBore Components
  • Milwaukee® Drill Motor
  • Available with or without a Generator
  • All hoses & cords for setup
  • 65-Gallon Tank and 140 GPM Pump
  • Provides a rigid reaction mass to prevent the coring rig from spinning around itself if the core bit becomes bound up in the pavement, unlike free-standing core drills
  • Does NOT include Core Bits - Click HERE
  • Drill Rod Extensions Sold Separately - Click HERE
  • For our complete line of core removal tools - Click HERE
  • With Generator - (48” x 96” x 36” / 650lbs) 
  • Without Generator - (48” x 96” x 18” / 344lbs) 
  • Tailgate will close in an 8' bed (bed mount is 83" closed up)
  • Use Aquaphalt to fill in your roadway core holes & small potholes