Work Boot Safety Lights - Ideal For Nightwork - Avoid Trip & Fall

Nightrunner 270

$ 58.95 
Item #: SA-5100

High Visibility - Work Boot Lights

  • "Wing" Design for 270 Degrees of Visibility Guaranteed

  • The bi-lateral wing design of these lights for working at night allows you to safely see and be seen from dusk until dawn.

  • You'll be able to clearly see the path in front of you up to 30 feet. Plus, back-facing red tail lights immediately alert motorists to your location.

  • Ultra-lightweight LED units (weighing only 1.5 oz. each).

  • Rear-facing red tail lights to grab motorists' attention .

  • Long-lasting 4-hour battery life .Li-ion rechargeable battery with micro-USB charging port .

  • 150 total lumens for bright night work.

  • 30+ feet of hands-free illumination.

  • 270 degrees of visibility guaranteed.

  • Water-resistant, high-impact casing

  • Secure, multi-position shoelace clips that won't fall off.

  • SA-5100