Blaine Air Permeability

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Item #: CT-6042

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This apparatus determines the fineness of Portland Cement and measures the specific surface area of fine materials in square centimeters per gram of test sample. By using this apparatus, a quantity of air is drawn through a bed of definite porosity. The rate of air flow is determined by the pore volume in the bed, a function of the size of particles.

  • Blaine Air Permeability Apparatus w/ wood panel and base
  • Stainless-steel test cell
  • Plunger
  • Perforated disk
  • Calibrated U-tube manometer
  • Rubber aspirator and bulb
  • 8oz bottle red spirit manometer fluid
  • Filter paper
  • Wood block for test cell
  • Meets ASTM C204 and AASHTO T 153 requirements
  • CT-6042