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Item #: NC-1500

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NCAT Blower Motor

  • Available for 859, 945 and 1087/1275 Series

  • Please select series and voltage from drop-down

  • To check the serial number of the furnace find the S/N sticker - This can usually be found on either the back of the furnace, or the right side next to the door plunger. See attached photo. To determine the type of furnace, you need the first three or four digits of the SN.  If they are "859" or "945", choose the corresponding SKU from the drop-down menu.  If the first 4 digits are "1087", "1275" or any other combination of numbers, choose SKU #NC-1500.

NCAT Exhaust Blower Maintenance: 

Your NCAT doesn't ask much in the way of maintenance. It faithfully tells you your binder percents and quickly provides clean aggregate for gradation analysis.

All it asks is for you to occasionally lubricate it's blower. The early 859 and 945 models also require that you vacuum the dust out of the plenum chamber. That is also the perfect time to lube the blower. How often you should do this is determined by how many burns you do. A good habit is to write down your weekly LIFT CHECKS and see if they are decreasing over time. Also, if you hear the blower squealing! It's easy:

  • 1) Disconnect power from the unit.
  • 2) Make sure the power is off!
  • 3) Remove the exhaust pipe from the top of the NCAT. Then, remove the metal "box" on the top of the NCAT. You will now see the stainless steel plenum chamber with the blower assembly mounted on the back of it.
  • 4) Put 5 or 6 drops of ANDEROL® 465. SYNTHETIC LUBRICATING OIL in each of the two holes on the top of the blower. ( See the picture if you can't find the holes). Please DO NOT use 3-in-1 or any other oil. It cannot take the heat and will gum everything up.
         You received a bottle with your NCAT. If you lost or misplaced it you can get it now! NC-1175.
  • 5) You may also want to clean the fins in the blower squirrel cage. If you run a lot of polymer AC, or if your venting isn't good, you may get a build-up on the fins. Your will see your lift decreasing significantly if there is a build-up. Most people don't need to do this.
  • 6) Put it back together, restore the power and then hit the START button as if you were going to run a test, and let the blower run a few minutes to spread the Anderol 465 around the bearing faces.

If you do not do this, you will find out the next time you turn the furnace on that Anderol 465 does a great job of imitating Loc-Tite!!!