Desiccator with Plate

Bel-Art (002)

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Item #: VA-3101

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Desiccator with Plate

 Degas liquids quickly and easily in the laboratory or classroom with this small plastic vacuum desiccator. These strong, shatterproof units provide dry storage and protection for sensitive products.

  •  Lighter and less costly than similarly sized glass models; does not chip like glass
  •  Holds a full vacuum (29.9" Hg) at room temperature for 24 hours
  •  Tapered polypropylene stopcock with PTFE plug (F42040-0000) accepts tubing with ¼ to ⅜” I.D. and allows a controlled entrance of air preventing unnecessary turbulence
  •  Neoprene O-ring assures a tight seal down to 0˚C without the need for grease (ring will not be harmed if grease is used)
  •  ‘Flat Dome,’ clear polycarbonate top with large ribbed knob maximizes interior clearances and provides an average of 13% greater interior volume over standard hemispherical domes
  •  Includes a 0.32 cm (⅛") thick perforated plate; disposable or reusable desiccant can be placed on or under this plate
  •  White polypropylene bottom models can support incandescent crucibles on Minerit HD High Heat Ceramic Desiccator Plates (series F42038)
  •  Clear polycarbonate bottom models offer increased viewing visibility from more angles
  • VA-3101