Dust Pans for Gilson Test Screen & Test Master Sieve Shakers

Gilson Company, Inc

$ 94.99 
Item #: SH-0112

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Dust Pans for TS & TM Shakers

  • Rugged & durable steel construction
  • Designed to collect and handle fines during the separation of construction aggregates and other materials
  • Available in different sizes depending on the model of shaker you have:
    • 2" - SH-0112
      • Industry standard dust pan
      • Fits TS-1, TS-2, and TS-3, and TM-5 & TM-6 models
      • Exactly 1.6" Deep
      • 17.75 x 26.25 x 2in (450.85 x 666.75 x 50.8mm) WxDxH
    • 3" - SH-8414
      • Extra capacity for collecting and handling fines
      • Can be used in TS models without losing a screen tray slot
      • It can be used in the TM-5 models with loss of one tray space, but will not fit the TM-6 models
      • 26.1 x 17.7 x 3in (663.7 x 449.6 x 76.2mm)
    • 4" - SH-8415
      • 4in depth offers additional capacity for high-fines samples
      • Can be used with all TS and TM models
      • One screen tray slot will be lost in all machines
      • 17.5x26.1x4in (449.6x663.7x101.6mm) WxDxH