Type K/J Basic Digital Thermometer - Two Channel

Sper 072922

$ 152.99 
Item #: TM-2804C

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Although mini sized, light weight and inexpensive, these units provide extremely accurate and reliable temperature measurement with all the versatility and range of type K & J thermometers!

Basic Type K or J Thermometers provide accurate temperatures for a wide range of applications. Pocket-sized thermometers accept these Type K or J thermocouples with standard connectors. Maximum/Minimum memory hold, auto-power and relative temperature functions offer top accuracy. Will read and display results from two probes simultaneously, and track the difference between them (T1-T2).Get them with or without the calibration certificate. Use the drop down feature for NIST calibration option.


  • Max/min memory hold
  • Auto-power preserves battery life
  • Four digit 1¼" x 1¾" LCD screen seamlessly switches from °C to °F
  • Accurate to ±0.05% of reading +0.7°C (1.4°F)
  • Type K -328° —2,498°F (-200° — 1,370°C) Type J -328° —1,922°F (-200° — 1,050°C)
  • Two Channel (T1-T2)

Included Items:

  • Basic Type K or J Thermometer
  • 9V battery and beaded wire probe