Prentex Pressure Aging Vessel - PAV 9500

Prentex 9500 PAV

Features include:

  • A 100% stainless steel pressure vessel, ASME Code stamped and registered with the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessels
  • A touchscreen control panel for easy operation with a minimum of input required
  • A hinged and bolted PAV cover and compact stainless steel cabinet designed to fit against the wall, or in a corner, and/or under overhead shelves
  • Precision stainless steel sample rack with a set of 10 precision spun sample pans
  • Space Efficiency: the PAV9500 occupies only 650 mm by 430 mm of space and requires only 790mm of overhead clearance.
  • Light Weight: the PAV9500 weighs under 180 pounds so it can sit on a standard laboratory counter-top (Does not require special low bench)

Energy Efficient

The PAV 9500 operates using almost any standard electrical supply and is so efficient that it actually saves energy

  • Requires no special wiring
  • Draws less than 525 watts during warm up and less than 60 watts of electricity when at a stable temperature
  • Is available in 100-125 volt, 10 Amp versions and 208-252, 5 Amp versions
  • Is the only PAV system available that can operate with a standard low cost back up supply during a power outage

Safe and Supported

The PAV 9500 system meets all suggested safety requirements and is easy to maintain, especially with our customer support policies

  • Meets all AASHTO R28, ASTM6521 and EN14769 apparatus requirements
  • For safety the PAV 9500 cannot operate in excess of its design limits
  • Is supported by both telephone and email/fax so most problems can be easily corrected on-site
  • Comes with a one-year parts and workmanship guarantee