33 - 392°F External Digital Timer/Thermometer with Probe

Control Company

$ 30.95 
Item #: TM-8500

External Digital Timer/Thermometer with Probe.

  • Measures from 32 to 392°F (0 to 200°C) Resolution is 1 degree and accuracy is +/- 2°C.

  • Triple display simultaneously shows time remaining to zero, probe temperature and temperature alarm setting.

  • Timer function has memory for repetitive times.

  • Stainless steel probe is attached by a 42-inch long silicon coated cable, so it will stand up to oven door openings, closings, and high heat up to 200°C.

  • Probe is 1/4-inch in diameter and 8-1/2-inch length
  • Supplied with a NIST traceable certificate and AAA battery for up to one year of always-on monitoring.

  • Magnets on back of case allow for mounting on vertical surfaces.

  • TM-8500