CoreLok® from InstroTek®


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Item #: 103.1000

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The CoreLok® System from InstroTek®

  • The Industry's Most Versatile Testing Product - ASTM D6752, ASTM D6857, ASTM D7063, AASHTO T331
  • Bulk Specific Gravity, Maximum Specific Gravity, & Aggregate Specific Gravity, Porosity & % AC
  • Highly reproducible and accurate density measurements
  • The included GravitySuite™ PC software package calculates and manages your data for ease of operation – Requires download and code from InstroTek
  • One Machine for All your Gravity Measurements of Asphalt and Aggregate
  • Includes Water Tank & Hanging Basket
  • Analog vacuum torr gauge, item 203.1006 recommended for pressure verification very 3 months – Required for AASHTO re:source accreditation - HERE
  • CoreLok Bags (Small, Large & Channeled) sold separately HERE
  • 103.1000