Xplorer 3500 - Nuclear Density Gauge

  • InstroTek - 3500 Xplorer® is a nuclear moisture density gauge designed to provide superior performance
  • Find all your nuclear gauge labels/parts/accessories HERE
  • Complies with ASTM D6938, D2950, D7013, D7759, C1040 and AASHTO T310
  • Comes ready to go, complete with Operators Manual ,Poly Reference Standard Block, Molded Shipping Case, Drill Rod, Stainless Steel Scraper Plate, Extraction Tool, AC & DC Chargers, 2-Year Limited Warranty, Free 1st Calibration at an InstroTek Facility
  • Backlit LCD screen and special scroll functions allow operators to easily read the Xplorer®’s two-line display during day or night time work
  • Battery Saver and InteliCharge extend battery life keeping the gauge on the job instead of on the charger
  • The Xplorer 3500 can easily be serviced and calibrated by any qualified repair center across the country, saving your company $$ and reducing down-time. NO costly upload code needed for annual calibration
  • Please call Brian O'Toole at  919 875 8371 or e-mail him at botoole@instrotek.com