John Muhlke, founder of HMA Lab Supply

In Memory of John Muhlke, founder of HMA Lab Supply

We are sad to announce the passing of HMA founder John Muhlke. John started HMA Lab Supply in 2001 and built the company into a very successful construction laboratory supply company. John passed away on Thursday, March 17, 2022 at his home in Richmond, VA. John was well respected in the industry and loved to talk to customers about testing and quality control. He was a great mentor to many employees at HMA and was loved and admired for his sense of humor, warmth and knowledge. John had an incredible memory and could remember every asphalt test and standard. We relied on him for direction and advice, even after his retirement. He was always generous with his time and went out of his way to be helpful whenever he could. We are going to miss John tremendously. May he rest in peace.

John's family created a memorial website for John where you can get more insights on his life, share thoughts, anecdotes, and even music. Please visit: 

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John had a wonderful sense of humor. He would place a rubber duckie inside every purchase of an HMA Lab Supply Water Bath.

John was known for clever, inspirational messages which he would then print onto vinyl flags to give away to customers & employees alike.

John had a keen resemblance to this otherworldly character and he knew it. He used this caricature in various ways at HMA, eventually tying the phrase "Live Long and Gyrate" to it. Today, we continue to honor John by using this likeness in various HMA marketing pieces.