14-Cubic Ft Sheldon Forced Air Oven, 220 Volts

HMA Lab Supply

$ 4,574.00 
Item #: OV-5440

14-Cubic Foot Sheldon Forced Air Oven.

  • This oven is great for batch drying lots of aggregates or curing pans of mix.

  • A forced blower that assists airflow offers great chamber temperature uniformity - +/- 3 C @ 110 C.

  • It only takes 24 minutes to reach 150 degrees C and just 8 minutes recovery time.

  • The turbo blower and heavy-duty motor work tag team style to move air evenly over the shelves and samples, for constant drying or curing.

  • Safety features include a user-controlled over-temperature protection system that runs independently from the main controller, insuring the correct temperature is always reached and never exceeded, and the heating elements are actually outside the oven chamber, in the event something spills inside the oven.

  • Other great features include an electronic timer that shuts off at a pre-selected time, 3-1/2” of insulation, wrapped in 2 layers, eliminating a seam, and a chamber door gasket that prevents heated air leakage.

  • Amps: 16.5A Hertz: 50/60 Watts: 3950W Volts: 220V AC Temperature Range: 15-200 C

  • Exterior Dimensions: 37”W x 34”D x 47”H Inside Dimensions: 30.75”W x 24.75”D x 31”H Comes with 3 Shelves, but it can hold 8.

  • Maximum Shelf Load is 60 Lbs Per Shelf.

  • OV-5440