Aggregate Wet Ball Mill, by Rainhart


$ 10,995.00 
Item #: AWBM

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Wet Ball Mill - Tex-116-E

The Rainhart Aggregate Wet Ball Mill is used to determine the resistance of aggregate in flexible base materials to disintegration in the presence of water. These results are essential in determining whether the base will resist crushing, degradation, disintegration, and premature structural failure. Simply place a sample in the rotating bucket with six steel charges. The bucket will rotate 600 times at a speed of 58-62 rpm, for approximately 10 minutes. After the rotation is complete the mass of the remaining aggregate is weighed and compared with the original weight to determine the WBM value. A lower value will indicate a tougher aggregate more resistant to abrasion, essential to a quality base.


  • Meets TxDOT Tex-116-E
  • Watertight bucket seal
  • User-friendly programmable counter
  • New Feature! Bench or shelf mounted counter for added safety
  • Single push button operation
  • Includes 6 Steel Charges


  • Weight: 170lbs
  • Dimensions: Approximately 44”W X 24”D X 32”H
  • Freight: 48" X 48" X 35"
  • Motor: 115vac / 60 hz, Approx. 8AMPS
  • 220vac / 50 hz, Approx. 4AMPS, OPTIONAL.