Automatic Digital Ring & Ball Apparatus


$ 4,714.99 
Item #: RB-0100

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  • Automatically determines the softening point of asphalts.
  • Two laser sensors detect the balls fall determining the softening point.
  • A magnetic stirrer with electronic speed adjustment from 0 to 160 rpm ensures a uniform temperature in the vessel during the test cycle.
  • Touch-screen graphical interface allows  easy set up of the test parameters and execution of the test
  • Real time visualization of the Temperature (°C) -Time(sec) graph during the entire test
  • User friendly menu driven software to control all test parameters.
  • Top quality components: laser sensors, electronic magnetic stirrer, ceramic-glass heating plate.
  • Ceramic-glass heating plate with automatic cut off at the end of the test cycle.
  • Microprocessor, controlled which controls: heater/stirrer, temperature probe, laser sensors, pre-heating of the plate, and memorizes all the test parameters.
  • Steel balls centering device.
  • Comes complete with one brass tapered ring, one brass centering ring, set of steel balls and Pyrex beaker.
  • 110v - 1ph 50-60Hz
  • Typical lead time is 14 days.