AutoXtract™- Automatic Asphalt Extraction System

Automatic Asphalt Extraction System - ASTM D8159

The AutoXtract is an innovative device that automates the processes associated with asphalt extraction and recovery. The unit has been designed for the determination of asphalt content in mixtures as well as characterization of reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) properties.  This closed-loop system eliminates the need for fume hoods and keeps harmful vapors away from operators.  The asphalt mixture is placed inside the chamber and in less than an hour, the AutoXtract produces accurate asphalt content results and clean, dry aggregates ready for sifting operations.  Test results are exported to a .txt file to create customized reports. 

  • Complete extraction in less than 1 hour
  • Fully automatic extraction process
  • Fully customizable: Selectable pre-wash phase and number of washing and drying cycles
  • Capable of displaying different test profiles 
  • Combination of ultrasonic vibration and heating for complete asphalt extraction
  • Closed-look cycle eliminates the escape of harmful fumes
  • Automatic solvent distillation during extraction
  • integrated balance for recording sample weights
  • Optional connection to rotary evaporator flask
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