CoreDryPRO w/ PumpSaver

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NEW! CoreDryPRO w/ PumpSaver

Rapid Asphalt Drying System- ASTM D7227 & AASHTO R79

The CoreDryPRO, is the next level of asphalt core drying evolution! Discover ALL-NEW PRO features such as a large color touchscreen display, a Drying Progress Bar, and vacuum level indicator. Equipped with highly sophisticated, advanced electronics, a flexible vacuum pump with an external port for connecting to other lab applications, like conducting a rice test, and a modern, sleekly designed cabinet, the CoreDryPRO sets a new standard of innovation.

ALL-NEW PRO Features

 Large Color LCD Touchscreen- A robust 6˝x 3.5˝ LCD 

 Drying Progress Bar- Indicates the drying progress 

 Vacuum Pump Port- Enables use of the internal vacuum pump

 External Pump Control- A plug near the Vacuum Pump Port enables an AutoRice to control the pump

 User-Friendly Software- The CoreDryPRO features software designed to inform users of routine maintenance requirements 

 Quiet Operation- Specially designed valves and a vacuum pump allow CoreDryPRO to operate quietly in your lab. 

 Modern, Sleek Design- A newly designed cabinet that combines style with functionality.

The CoreDryPRO revolutionizes the measurement of field core sample density, delivering results in less than 20 minutes. Using vacuum and cutting-edge electronic desiccation technology, it swiftly removes moisture from samples while maintaining their integrity. This innovative system ensures rapid drying without the need for fans or ovens, preserving sample composition and providing accurate dry weights. Developed to meet ASTM D7227 standards, CoreDryPRO is the first of its kind, offering efficiency and confidence in pavement production.