HWT-Pro™ Hamburg Wheel Tracker Verification & Calibration System

The HWT-Pro consists of load and height verification devices, sample tray centering spacers for different model wheel trackers, temperature indicator, USB cable, HWT-Spec Software and a carrying case.  The load device is made of precision machined stainless steel and quality electrical components. All measurement devices used in the HWT-Pro are NIST traceable and the unit is provided with certificate of calibration.

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  • HWT Pro Spec Sheet, click HERE
  • Verifies all AASHTO T-324 Measurement requirements
  • Meets recommendations of NCHRP Project 20-07 Task 361
  • Allows for easy and safe verification of the unit, without having to place hands and fingers close to the wheel and heavy loads
  • Measures wheel load, Wheel center point, waveform, displacement, and water temperature
  • Measures both static and dynamic wheel load
  • Checks accuracy of the wheel motion versus sinusoid and reports RMSE
  • Check calibration quality before a project or after long periods of nonuse
  • Quickly diagnose and trouble shoot issues with your equipment
  • HWT-Spec PC Software easily captures and reports verification results
  • HWP-Pro includes NIST traceability certificates 
  • 124.1000