Density Weighing Cradles - Available in 3 Sizes - Please Select Size


$ 69.49 
Item #: DE-1000

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Mega One-Hook Weighing Cradle

  • Designed specifically for weighing the Drum from our Compact Aggregate Drum Washer when it is used with the Vacuum Lid for Rice tests, the Mega-1-Hook has a vertical clearance of 12.5-inches.
  • It can also be used when weighing our 4000-gram capacity Vacuum Pycnometer Canisters.
  • DE-1017

 1-Hook Density Weighing Cradle

  • Our most popular version
  • It will weigh standard Vacuum Pycnometer Canisters, Aggregate Density Baskets, Marshall or Gyratory Compaction Specimens, up to 6-inch cores
  • DE-1000.

 Mini Density Weighing Cradle

  • Ideal for weighing 4-inch or 6-inch pavement cores when weighing cores in the field.
  • DE-1011