PIE² Solvent Free Cleaning Oven


The PIE² Solvent Free Cleaning Oven is a revolutionary new product that offers a more efficient, environmentally responsible, and safer way to clean labware. Using heat, negative pressure, and platinum-coated catalyst beads, the PIE² oven effectively breaks down and eliminates organic residues, all without any manual intervention. This saves time, reduces labor costs, and minimizes the environmental impact of your operations.

In addition to its time-saving, eco-friendly, and safe features, the PIE² oven also offers a number of other benefits, including:

  • Versatility: The PIE² oven can be used to clean a wide variety of labware, including glassware, plastics, and metalware.
  • Durability: The PIE² oven is made from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring long-term durability.
  • Warranty: The PIE² oven comes with a one-year warranty.

Key Product Specifications:

  • External Dimensions: 42” wide x 62” high x 33” deep (34” deep with nitrogen purge feature)
  • Oven Capacity: 22.875” wide x 19.7 high x 20” deep (5.22 cubic foot)
  • Electrical Power: 30 amp Single Phase 240 V, 60Hz
  • Safety Controls: Chamber high temp switch, blast door switch, oxidizer high temp switch, red kill switch, oven door safety switch
  • Exhaust: Oxidizer burn off up to 1300°F via catalyst
  • Oven Construction: All-Stainless to prevent corrosion
  • Door Locking Mechanism: Solenoid (1” depth), Manual Door Lock, dual reinforced door hinge
  • Optional Features: Nitrogen Purge Feature with monitoring

If you are looking for a more efficient, environmentally responsible, and safer way to clean labware, then the PIE² Solvent Free Cleaning Oven is the perfect solution for you. Order yours today!