Proctor Soil Compactor - Rainhart, Inc.


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Item #: 662EP

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The Rainhart Proctor Soil Compactor is the most versatile and advanced soil compactors in the industry. The compactor is designed for high volume testing, low maintenance, and high efficiency. The Rainhart Proctor’s signature circular pattern automatically delivers blows relative to the specimen height, avoiding adjustments between specimen layers. The tamping head revolves around the sample instead of the sample revolving around the tamping head, which produces more accurate results and shorter cycle times. All Rainhart tamping heads are all interchangeable with a single shaft, eliminating the need for additional costly parts.

With a comprehensive list of accessories including tamping heads, molds, perforated base plates, and finishing tools, the Rainhart Soil Compactor can perform any soil compaction test and is the only soil compactor compatible with the SCA.


  • Meets ASTM D698 & D1557, AASHTO T99 & T180 and accommodates TxDOT TEX-113E, TEX-114E, TEX-117E, FLDOT FM 5-515, LBR & CBR
  • User-friendly programmable counter
  • Fully automatic – Simply load mold and start the counter, the test will stop after desired blows are imparted
  • Rapid change between Proctor to Modified Proctor testing (12” to 18” drops)
  • Screw on tamping heads – easy assembly
  • Easy repair and maintenance, every part on the compactor can be easily replaced with common hand tools when needed
  • Extensive list of accessories for every soil compaction test requirement
  • Soil Compaction Analyzer (SCA) compatible


  • Weight: 270lbs
  • Dimensions: Approximately 26”W X 24”D X 61”H (Shaft lowered) or (81” Max operating height)
  • Motor: 115vac / 60 hz, 5.9 FLA    
  • 220vac / 50 hz, 3.0 FLA, OPTIONAL
  • Download the spec sheet - HERE
  • Replacement parts diagram - HERE
  • Part # RHA: 662EP