SmartPlus Electronics Upgrade - For Troxler Plus + Series Gauges

InstroTek, Inc.

$ 1,795.00 
Item #: 297.3405

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SmartPlus Upgrade

  • Simplified PCB, overlay and components selection – 1 Set of Electronics works with all Plus gauges
  • Allows manual entry of constants
  • InstroTek CalPlus Software can be used to upload constants - No additional codes required
  • Uses same simple menu and software as InstroTek Xplorer 2
  • Start/Stop button on top of source rod tower is still operational
  • Replaceable High Voltage Module
  • Ribbon cable is the same as legacy Troxler & InstroTek gauges
  • Gauge needs recalibration after upgrade
  • SmartPlus cut sheet, click HERE
  • 297.3405