12" PRT Calibrated Traceable Reference Thermometer Calibration points -20,0,50,100,150,199°C


$ 1,705.49 
Item #: TM-8000

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12" PRT Reference Thermometer

  • If your lab undergoes AMRL inspections, you are required to “Standardize” your thermometers every six months

  • The Dostmann D650-PT Platinum Resistance Thermometer fits the bill

  • Platinum Resistance Thermometers (PRTs) are much more precise than a standard Type K thermocouple thermometer, capable of reading out to 0.01 degrees, while Type K devices are only capable of reading to 0.1 degrees

  • Our TM-8000 is supplied with a Readout Device, 12" PRT Sensor, and a NIST Traceable Calibration at –20°C, 0, 50, 100, 150, and 199°C

  • A sturdy service case with fitted foam insert holds the Readout and 12"Sensor Probe

  • TM-8000