27 Cubic Ft Despatch® Oven, 240 Volts (Single-Phase)


$ 10,399.99 
Item #: OV-5027

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Despatch LBB Series Bench Oven

  • Despatch created the LBB Series of ovens to meet the requirements of the materials testing laboratories that are testing asphalt paving materials to AASHTO SuperPave standards.

  • Fan-forced circulation maintains the AASHTO requirement for chamber temperature uniformity of +/- 3 C at 150 degrees C .

  • Maximum temperature is 400 F (204 C). Digital controller with large (3/4") LED display can be set to read in F or C.

  • Features include: 2-Reinforced Nickel-Plated Steel Shelves Capable of Holding 200 lbs Each.

  • Stainless Steel Interior and Solid Floor for Easy Cleaning.

  • 240 Volts (Single-Phase)
  • High-Limit Temperature Controller for Safety.

  • 5-Year Warranty on Heater Elements.

  • UL Listed.

  • Chamber Dimensions: 37”W x 37”D x 35”H Outside Dimensions: 43”W x 43.5”D x 51.5”H.

  • OV-5027