AutoRice - Automatic Rice Test Control System


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Automatic Rice Testing Control System

  • AASHTO T209 & ASTM 2041
  • Includes: AutoRice Device (110/220V), Wall Mounting Bracket, Operators Manual.
  • Controls and monitors Rice test (AASHTO T209 & ASTM 2041)
  • Vacuum pressure and vacuum time.
  • Reduces operator errors by automating test parameters; improving accuracy and repeat-ability.
  • Measures shaking frequency and acceleration to prevent stripping damage to the sample.(With Optional Frequency Sensor - Available HERE)
  • Automates saturation process for AASHTO T283 (moisture damage).
  • Provides capability to enter weights and calculate max specific gravity results.
  • Replaces digital vacuum gauge used in Rice setup.
  • Stores test records (vacuum pressure, vacuum time, frequency and acceleration).
  • Test data can be shared and emailed for review.
  • Easy setup with menu driven software.
  • 120.1000