R18 Reference Thermometer


$ 349.99 
Item #: TM-9999
Calibration Ranges:  R18 Reference Thermometer

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Digital Temperature Verification Kit

  • Calibrated to 538 C - R18 Standards
  • T1 0-200 C (General Lab)
  • T2 450-550 C (NCAT)
Each Kit includes:
  • One Digital Type K Readout, readable to 0.1 degree with an accuracy +/- 1.5 degrees.
  • One Waterproof Type K Probe, 48-inches long with a spiral-wound stainless steel cable
  • A depth stop collar for use when measuring temperatures of NCAT Ignition Furnaces
  • Comes with 2  NIST/ISO Traceable Calibration Certificate for each probe