Econ-O-Cure Field Curing System


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Item #: CT-4975

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  • The ECON-O-CURE is a tool to help field technicians meet ASTM C31 when testing concrete, Section 10.1.2 Initial Curing states "specimens shall be stored for a period up to 48 hours in a temperature range from 60 to 80 degrees F and in an environment preventing moisture loss from the specimens."
  • Made with advanced polymers and contains ½" of insulating cooler foam within its walls.  The floorboard is 1/2" smooth melamine with rounded corners and an integrated handle
  • Holds up to 8 - 6x12" molds or 16 - 4x8" molds.
  • Portable - ECON-O-CURE is lightweight and easily folded for transportation and storage
  • Always in stock
  • Box floor has a handle cut in and is easily removed for use as a slump test platform
  • Proven - When used in conjunction with a heater, consistently meets standards set forth in ASTM C31, even at extreme temperatures
  • CT-4975