Four 4-Liter Bottles Trichloroethylene

Greenfield Global

$ 309.99 
Item #: AC-1050

Trichloroethylene (TCE).

  • Trichloroethylene is a chlorinated hydrocarbon that is used as a solvent for various tests in the asphalt industry, such as Abson Recovery, extraction – centrifuge/reflux, as well as cleaning equipment.

  • WARNING: HARMFUL IF SWALLOWED OR INHALED! (TCE) can be absorbed through the skin. Therefore, people who use the compound without solvent-resistant gloves may be exposed.

  • SHIPPING INFO:Trichloroethylene is considered a hazardous material, and as such is only shipped by motor freight.

  • 4 cases make up 1 pallet to get your moneys worth!
  • UPS does not accept it for deliveries.

  • AC-1050