HMA's 16" Blade CoreSaw Package - Asphalt

Diamond Product

$ 4,000.24 
Item #: CE-4000

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Features 16" Blade for Single Cut on 6" Asphalt Cores* 

  • 16" blade allows cutting of up to 6"/150 mm asphalt/concrete cores. No need to adjust cores and cut on both sides
  • Package includes custom cart and 6" HMA Core Clamp - Shop ALL Clamps!
  • Also included are: 4 legs, a powerful 2.5 HP Motor that runs on either 115/230 Volts (user-selectable), coolant circulating pump and face shield for protection
  • Order replacement blades HERE
  • 21.0 Amps @ 115V / 10.5 Amps @ 230V
  • Asphalt/Concrete blade included based on chosen option
  • 4” Core Clamp sold separately
  • 6” clamp is bolted directly to the rolling cart, securely holding the core at the correct distance from the saw blade
  • Included with each clamp are the necessary nuts & bolts to attach it to the rolling cart, which has been pre-drilled for easier installation, along with a wrench for final tightening of the clamp and a pressure spray bottle for keeping the core clamp threads clean
  • CE-4000 – Choose option from drop down menu