Heater/Circulator Hanger


$ 123.49 
Item #: WT-3106

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Heater/Circulator Hanger

  • HMA's Hanger for our Heater/Circulator

  • Stainless Steel

  • Our WT-3030 Digital Tank Heater has been re-designed to incorporate the ambient temperature sensor bud that used to hang by itself into the heater itself. Also, the heater should now be mounted horizontally close to the source of the circulating water

  • To achieve this, we have moved the clamp that holds the heater vertically two inches above the clamp that holds the heater. You can achieve the same results by drilling a hole in the hanger bracket and installing the clip there to hold the heater in a horizontal position. If you have an older version of the heater, you can hang the sensor bud a couple inches away from the pump to ensure even temperatures in the tank

  • Heater/Circulator not included

  • WT-3106