NCAT UPGRADE - Ignition™ Panel


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Item #: NC-1320

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Ignition™ Panel

Upgrade Your NCAT Furnace with Advanced Electronics
Meets AASHTO T 308 & ASTM D6307

The Ignition Panel™ is a front panel upgrade for the NCAT Asphalt Content furnace. The NCAT Furnace is widely used in the asphalt industry for accurate determination of asphalt content and quality control of pavements. The Ignition Panel upgrades the current units with advanced electronic components and improves the functionality and efficiency of the furnace while preserving its accuracy, reliability, and user experience.

All New Features, Same Operation

The Ignition panel is loaded with features that make the NCAT even simpler and easier to use. A large 7” touchscreen displays real-time test information, warnings, and test results. You can also easily navigate through test set-up, run diagnostics, perform balance calibration, start a lift-test, and print or save test results. The USB port allows users to quickly transfer test data from the Ignition Panel and view it on a laptop or PC. The panel has 8GB of internal storage to keep thousands of tests and review them at any time. Virtual indicator lights show the status of the furnace and keep the user updated on the test in progress.  

The Ignition panel also offers the same familiarity and operation as the current front panel. The upgrade will not affect the %AC results. Users can also use the same aggregate and lift corrections as before. Fifty percent (50%) larger keys allow users to operate the unit by using the keypad or the touchscreen commands. These new features will enhance the use of the furnace and provides operation redundancy while keeping the user experience the same.

Work Smarter

The Ignition Panel can connect via Bluetooth to any Android smartphone or tablet. The free Ignition App from the Google Play Store allows the operator to view real-time test data, view test results, and control many aspects of the furnace. It will also alert the user of any warnings or diagnostics issues. You can also create reports and email them from any Wi-Fi-enabled device. Now, you can have all the ignition data in the palm of your hand.  

Protect Your Asset

The Ignition Panel also offers better power surge protection to ensure safe operations of the furnace electronics. Advanced electronics, redundancy, and simple design help increase durability and reduce downtime during the paving season. Any software updates are easily uploaded via the USB port keeping the Ignition Panel up to date with the latest software.  

Ignition Panel improves the operational efficiency of the NCAT Furnace. Advance your asphalt lab to the next level with the functionality and dependability of the Ignition Panel.   



  • Provides additional power surge protection and functionality 
  • Bluetooth Enabled
  • Large 7” color LCD touchscreen
  • Keypad or touchscreen operation and verification
  • USB Port for downloads and storage of test results
  • 8GB of internal storage
  • FREE Mobile App to view tests in real-time, set-up tests, view test results, create reports and email results from Android smartphone, tablet, or PC
  • Uses the existing printer
  • 50% larger keypad buttons
  • Does not affect %AC measurement results
  • Increases reliability and operational efficiency
  • Improved diagnostics 
  • Uses the same aggregate and lift corrections
  • Install latest software updates via USB Port
  • Auto wake and sleep mode
*The Ignition Front Panel MUST be professionally installed.
Please contact InstroTek for details.