PaveScan® Mix Design Module (MDM)

Mix Design Module (MDM)

PaveScan Mix Design Module (MDM), is an innovative system used to create a correlation between the dielectric value of the mix and the asphalt density at different percent air voids. This correlation can then be entered into the PaveScan, Non-nuclear Rolling Density Measurement System (RDM), and used as a powerful QC/QA tool for
accurate density measurements of the entire asphalt pavement. Quality process control using PaveScan MDM and RDM means all pavements and longitudinal joints can be compacted to specification in real-time.

The PaveScan MDM is sensitive to subtle aggregate, mix, and moisture changes. Samples tested during production can be compared to approved samples prepared during mix design and any deviations can immediately be identified and adjusted before paving. With one five-minute lab test, users can accurately identify problems and avoid costly remediation.

Improve Quality - Save Time & Money
Improving the durability of roads reduces long-term maintenance costs and road closures. Any compaction problem during production can now be identified and
fixed before it’s too late, saving time and money. Avoid costly penalties and improve pavement quality using the PaveScan technology.

Improve Safety
The PaveScan MDM and RDM give paving contractors a comprehensive and accurate view of pavement quality without the expense, risk, and errors of single-point measurements from coring or asphalt density gauges. More importantly, less coring on the paving project exposes fewer workers to the dangers of work zones and road closures.