Speedy® 2000 Moisture Tester (20g)

Humboldt Manufacturing

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Item #: MT-7452

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The Series 2000 Speedy® 

***Does not include moisture testing reagent calcium carbide****

  • Moisture tester is a portable system for measuring the moisture content of a wide range of materials including soils, aggregates, dust and powders (and liquids).
  • The system consists of a low pressure vessel fitted with a pressure gauge and an electronic scale and test accessories.
  • Moisture measurements are made by mixing a weighed sample of the material with a calcium carbide reagent in the sealed pressure vessel.
  • The reagent reacts chemically with water in the sample, producing acetylene gas that in turn increases the pressure within the vessel.
  • The pressure increase in the vessel is proportional to the amount of water in the sample, the moisture content can be read directly from the calibrated pressure gauge.
  • The Speedy has an accuracy of 0.5% on most materials and the gauge can be calibrated from 0-20% moisture, based on wet weight.
  • Test speeds range from 45 seconds to 3 minutes depending on material. The tester is supplied complete with heavy-duty plastic carrying case, electronic balance (0-200g and battery operated), beaker, cleaning cloth, cap, and washer.
  • If calcium carbide is needed please call in for pricing (984) 242-0470
  • MT-7452