The M.i.S.T 2™ - Moisture Induced Stress Tester - AASHTO TP 140

The M.i.S.T 2™ - Moisture Induced Stress Tester

InstroTek has enhanced its MiST 2 (Moisture Induced Stress Tester), an asphalt moisture sensitivity conditioning device, with a quieter pressure system and a smaller footprint to better fit in asphalt labs of all sizes. This upgraded version offers improved efficiency and user-friendliness. MiST 2 is a unique and efficient method for assessing moisture damage susceptibility in asphalt mixtures, designed to simulate stripping mechanisms in HMA pavement layers.

NEW MiST 2 Features

  • Ultra-Quiet Design- Noise level is drastically reduced using a new innovative pneumatic system... you can almost hear a pin drop!
  • NEW! Benchtop Design- Smaller footprint allows for easy placement in any asphalt laboratory benchtop (30"L x 24"W x 30"H).
  • Lighter Weight- 3x lighter than the original at only 163 lbs!
  • Fully Automatic System- The unit will automatically drain after every test, maintaining a moisture-free environment and increasing reliability. Simply place the samples in the chamber, and the machine does the rest.
  • Smaller Unit/Same Capacity- Conditions: 2- 150mm, 3- 100mm, or 3- Ideal CT asphalt cores.

The InstroTek, Inc. M.i.S.T. 2™ is a cyclic conditioning system that is designed to simulate the stripping mechanisms that occur in H.M.A pavement layers. The M.i.S.T ™is a stand-alone unit that consists of a pressurized chamber that pushes and pulls water through a compacted asphalt sample, simulating the action of an automobile tire on the road. The tests can be performed at different pressures and temperatures to replicate different traffic and environmental conditions. The unit is completely automatic and results are ready in as little as four hours. Simply place your asphalt core sample in the M.i.S.T ™ testing chamber, select your test parameters, press start and the unit does the rest.

  • AASHTO TP 140
  • Designed to simulate H.M.A pavement stripping mechanisms.
  • Shorter test times than current moisture sensitivity tests. Results in less than one day.
  • Tests can be performed at realistic pressures similar to pressures produced by vehicle tires.
  • Testing is automatic and monitored by sensors.
  • Data can be stored and transferred to a PC for evaluation and archiving.
  • Weight: 159kg / 350lbs - Height: 1.35m / 53" - Foot Print: 0.53 x 0.53m / 21 x 21"
  • Power: 115 VAC 20A (optional 230 VAC 
  • 107.2110